Deep-Sky Fishing


Status Released on April 15th, 2014

Genre Arcade


Role Developer

Tools Stencyl

Team Size 2

Fish for… well, fish in the deep blue, sky? Embark on a journey to free all the ocean fish from the bubbles that randomly floated up into the sky! Unlock many upgrades to help you while you repopulate the ocean!

Note: This game was originally made for the Fishing game jam, but I didn’t finish the game for the deadline, and lost motivation for the project as a whole. But, after a year of this game just collecting dust on my hard drive, I decided to quickly finish it and get it out there as a side goal. Since the game was originally made for a timed game jam, it explains why the game has a lack of content, so I’m sorry if it is very short. This game is probably more of a concept than an actual game, but hey! It’s a working game ain’t it? Enjoy!

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